Your final touch is someone’s first. First impressions last. For years, Iggesund Paperboard’s Invercote brand has been the market leader in packaging board for the cosmetics industry. But with competition heating up and all the talk about renewable materials, Iggesund needed to reinforce why and how Invercote can enhance beauty brands.

Our client. Iggesund Paperboard is part of the €1.6 billion Holmen Forest Products Group of Sweden. The company’s market-leading Invercote and Incada brands are premium paperboard products used for packaging some of the world’s most demanding products. In particular, Invercote has long been the preferred choice for premium cosmetics brands.

Our assignment. To defend and grow its position in core markets, Iggesund Paperboard wanted to strengthen its relationship with cosmetics brand owners worldwide. Every year, brand owners launch more than 1,000 new cosmetics products, and Iggesund wanted to capture a bigger share of these. So what to focus on? Following a strategic workshop, it became clear that messaging around “sustainability” is often regarded as a hygiene factor and not seen as differentiating.

Market insights also showed that while brand owners put huge amounts of attention into the inner packaging, they often neglect the outer packaging. Yet they also realize that a customer’s first impression that can arouse emotions, through exciting textures, tactility, shimmering foil, intricate embossing and more. Enhancing the customer experience became our focus.

What we did. We developed a communications concept based on the key message “Your final touch is someone’s first.” The aim was to call attention to the experiential dimension that drives sales. We backed this up by identifying some unique product characteristics – high strength, accurate color reproduction and superior qualities for foiling and embossing. These characteristics enable innovative and elegant packaging designs with a superior look and feel. To bring the idea to life, we created three unique product packages to demonstrate each characteristic. The campaign was rolled out through highly evocative films, still images, website, brochures, DM, social media and other channels.

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