Introducing the new TEGERA Infinity™ glove collection Ejendals, the Swedish company behind the TEGERA safety glove brand, developed a new manufacturing technology that resulted in a super-soft and snug-fitting glove. Workers could really feel the difference, but the challenge was to let the world know about this innovation.

Our client. Ejendals is the Swedish hand and foot protection company that owns the TEGERA safety glove and JALAS safety shoe brands. Founded in 1946 in Leksand, Sweden, the family-owned company today has annual sales of around €150 million and employs 360 people in more than 20 countries. Open is the lead agency for all marketing communications.

Our assignment. Rubber-coated work gloves are commonly used for precision assembly work, but they can be stiff and clumsy. The glove specialists at Ejendals sought to change that. They came up with a revolutionary new manufacturing technology that makes the glove so snug, comfortable and sensitive it hardly feels like you’re wearing gloves at all. But to fully grasp this new level of fingertip sensitivity and comfort, you really have to try on the gloves. So rather than focusing on features like comfort or thinness, we set out to dramatize the Infinity experience – and get customers to feel the difference for themselves.

What we did. Our communications concept, “The Infinity Feel”, gets the audience right up close to the gloves, using bold graphic images that convey aspects such as dexterity, tactility, protection and control. The idea was rolled out through film and still images, brochures, DM, in-store sales material and more, including a broad range of social media channels. Sales of the new collection have been 30% higher than anticipated and continue to grow at a fast pace.

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