Telecom player. Brand activation events to establish thought leadership. How do you spark high-level discussions around big topics in today’s networked society to build stronger relationships with customers? For this major global ICT networking and services provider, the answer was to create a unique VIP venue in Hong Kong and Miami.

Our client. This world-leading provider of telecom services and technology wanted to create a unique thought-leadership forum that would position them as a global thought leader. They decided to invite key customers in major markets – Asia and North America – to an exclusive venue, mixing them with Fortune 500 CEOs, Nobel Laureates and other key decision-makers.

Our assignment. Staged in Hong Kong and Miami, the NEST Forum gathered the world’s biggest brains and former heads of state to discuss how our evolving networked society could impact positive change in areas like education and transport in cities. The challenge was to avoid self-promotional chest beating, focusing instead on how new thinking could transform society for the better.

What we did. Open was responsible for overseeing the messaging and content curation – before, during and after the event. This involved everything from personalized invitation letters from their CEO to former Presidents, Fortune 500 CEOs and others. It also involved writing speakers’ briefs at the event, moderator notes and summaries of the breakout sessions, video interviews and more.

In a follow-up survey, customers gave it a 98% rating, making it the best event the telecom provider had ever conducted. The company also secured a number of significant contracts in China and the US as an offshoot.

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