Growing your business in a smaller world

Growing your business in a smaller world

We are a Stockholm-based group of communication strategists, writers, designers and digital experts of different nationalities with experience in solving complex communication challenges all over the world.


Experienced international teams
We hand pick a senior team of international communications experts tailored for the needs of your business. Agile, fast and experienced, they handle everything from workshops in Hong Kong to photo shoots in Kazakhstan or getting trade show materials out of customs in the US!
Strategically led, creatively driven
Everything we do is rooted in your businesses strategies and sales objectives – from digging for customer insights to setting clear objectives. Then we add the creative magic to make it all happen.



Success comes from collaboration
We remove the walls between “client” and “agency”. As a client, you are treated as an extended member of our team. In this open environment, creative ideas or approaches can come from anywhere.
Engaging the heart and mind
We believe in adding a human, emotional touch to solving complex communication challenges. This often involves emotional brand storytelling and creating involving experiences that move brands forward – a heart and mind approach.


Around two-thirds of our clients sell to other businesses while the rest are in consumer goods or services. A large part our clients are also based outside Sweden.


  • minds
  • attitude
  • possibilities

Open was born in 2001 as the answer to a simple question: What would a modern communication agency look like in an increasingly smaller world? From day one, the focus was international and more than half of our clients today are based outside of Sweden. Our experienced multicultural team has worked for both leading agencies and clients in London, Stockholm, Tokyo, Montreal, Copenhagen and New York.

A global story – from day one. Open opened its doors in 2001 just after the dotcom bubble had burst. The founders – an American-Canadian copywriting duo – saw a need for top-end English copywriting services among Nordic agencies. As it turns out, there was a big need and they spent the early years working with top agencies and brands ranging from Adidas and Virgin to SCA, Absolut, Bentley and Ericsson.

Hand picked experienced team. Soon, a number of companies began to approach us directly. It also became painfully clear that writers can’t do everything. So we started hiring brand strategists, account managers, digital experts, designers and art directors. A new Swedish CEO with experience from New York and Australia entered the picture and began to hand pick a senior team. Many of the talents who joined us were disillusioned with the larger network agencies. They’d witnessed, first hand, how the network offices often work as separate islands – each taking a very local focus.

A different approach. Seeing a clear need for something different, we decided to create the next generation agency that could work with clients across borders. Our secret weapon? A small, nimble, international team that could solve complex problems faster – with fewer resources and using English as a base language. No complex networks. No big egos.

Using modern tools. As it happens, we are based in Stockholm, Sweden, a progressive hub of all things digital, mobile and social. We found that the latest technology could be applied directly to our international work and we utilize a network of trusted contacts around the world. Scandinavian culture is also very open, non-hierarchal and respectful of others – an approach we find travels well.

How can we help you? There is no typical project at Open. Each client has its own different needs. Some are larger and more of an ongoing nature; others are smaller. How could we support you?


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Gunilla Lundström

Partner & CEO

David Gray

Founder and Creative Director

Håkan Fagerstedt

Creative Director